The 7lb in 31 days challenge #blog #goal #ms #multiplesclerosis #7lbin31days

1st day and I haven’t done so well! I had to take my purse out with me today to pay for our dogs medication. Carrying money with me is always dangerous!

Feeling disappointed in myself which only leads me to want to do w better tomorrow!

I’m glad I’m making myself tell all, it’s like shaming myself into doing better!

A blog a day! Goal set 7lb in 31 days! #weightloss #blog #goal #ms #multiplesclerosis

I had to stop going to Slimming World due to unforeseen expenses consisting of the love for our dog, her arthritis, her pain levels and medication for it.
Therefore I need a new way to stay focused on my weight loss journey.
That’s where you come in!

I need to keep in check with my journey, no cheats! That’s going to be so hard but I have to keep telling myself if I want this bad enough then I’ll be good!

Does anyone have any tips for me to resist the sugar temptation?

I had an appointment with my Neuro Physiotherapist today! 1 thing they are good for is telling you when they think you have lost weight!
Feeling good about that!

I will nail this journey! I will prove to my MS that I CAN, I WILL and I DO succeed!


Thanks for the compliment

Nice! Had an emotional pilates session, gawd knows why & one of the ladies says to me after…

“Your losing so much weight, what a lovely figure you have even though your big”

Cheers for that! I’m sure there’s a compliment there! Flipping burst into
tears as well whilst laughing! 🙊

Gahhhhh MS, you make my life such fun! 😝

Back ‘on it like a car bonnet’

Back to it today after a week recovering from my back procedure-surgery-thingymebob

Looking forward to it! Just one thing, it’s a different instructor & my MS Anxiety doesn’t like change!

Bring it on! One more thing for me to overcome! I can do this! Sticking my tongue out to the alter ego ‘MegaSpecial’ in me! She will not win! 👅

#strongerthanMS #MegaSpecial #megaspecialinme