Todays flare comes from my MS, in the form of TREMORS! 

Shake it baby! 

My body has an internal tremor today and my head is going for it too! 

Not the nicest but a good reason to be a sofa surfer! 

Something I always found hard to do, but not anymore! 

The trick is, listening to your body, a way that my body tells me it needs rest, is a flare of my symptoms. 

Today’s flare is from my MS and I have Tremors! 

Yesterday it was quite possibly my Fibromyalgia with extreme pain (hard for me to tell fibro pain from MS pain)
I understand everyone leads busy lives in different ways, and it is extremely hard for people to find the time to just stop, to rest, to breathe. 

BUT, we have one body for our lifetime!
Preach over! 🙊👌💯 

When simple tasks get the MegaSpecial treatment! #blog

When simple tasks get the MegaSpecial treatment!

I find that it’s so easy to forget about simple mundane tasks that become such a pain in the booty because MS gets in the way!


Counting money into piles without it falling down because u now have the not so wonderful MS tremors!
Thank goodness I have mastered the art of laughing at myself!