Pay it forward

​When a lovely soul sends you this!
“You are amazing, and brave, and wonderful! Remember that today”
Thank you so much @impulse_regeneration, over on instagram! He doesn’t realise how much I needed that reminder and how much he made me smile!
Just goes to show folks, it doesn’t take much to make someone smile. 

Try it, send some positivity to someone!


Tysabri (natalizumab)

​Monday already and the alarm is set to wake me up in less than five hours! 

Its been four weeks since my last infusion so that can only mean one thing… Time for some more of the good stuff when daylight breaks! 
This is my super juice! My drug not so much of choice because, come on, really who chooses to pump chemicals like this through their veins without getting a ‘high’ afterwards! 

Actually, thinking about it, yes, I choose! I choose this over monthly relapses, over loosing my vision, over being wheelchair bound! 

And there is a high, eventually, after the initial feeling like crap! The high is in the knowing that I have been relapse free and steroid free for a whole year now! Knowing that the relapse I know i had last year was minimal in comparison to before I was put on to Tysabri! 
So heres to you NHS! I salute you for the service you provide for me & my MS family and anyone else that calls upon you! 

Eternally grateful, me!

Image shared via pintetest

Thank you for being you

The amount of love i have for my friends & family is unmeasurable!
AngieMoo, I just kinda like you alot’

Thank you all for your Christmas & New year wishes, cards & gifts!
I was totally Overwhelmed & astonished at the amount of cards we got & all the gifts under the tree!
I had to turn all my notifications on my phone off from Facebook, Twitter, my blog site, Instagram, Snapchat, email and well basically every notification was turned off because I was getting so many!
I had to have breaks from opening our gifts as I keep getting major sensory overload, Christmas day was no exception!

I loved the whole day, I loved all the notifications & found it really hard to stop them! I loved being with family even if it was only for 45 minutes, they were 45 minutes better than non! And me in a pub as well, on Xmas day! I loved having my Mum & Daddy Paul over from Cyprus,  spending time with both is always so precious! New years eve with my Mummy taking silly selfies was priceless! Playing ye old games, making up new rules & watching DebbieRahRah & Sister Bell build a bridge out of ‘Bananagram’ tiles & ‘Jenga’ blocks was incredible! Those 2 certainly have wild imaginations!

Thank you to all for being part of my life, for inspiring me with your art, your photography, your writing, your love for fitness & generally just making me want to be a better me!

*Photo taken from a thank you card I received today from Rae Hodgetts*