New moon 29/11/16

​Thinking about tomorrows new moon and the adventure becons.

Tomorrow I shall set my intentions and work on my new moon mantra 

First time for me to do this but i feel with the life changes that have recently happened in my ms journey, its time to set some intentions in my spiritual path 

Meme shared via instagram, words are my own

Just let go and enjoy yourself!

Loving the changes in me that I’m seeing and feeling! A more relaxed, happier me! When being sporadic isn’t something to be scared of! When just saying yes can mean you have an incredible night! Don’t be frightened of events that you create in your own mind! Just let go and enjoy yourself! 

selfie taken by me!

Your just perfect!

I’m in the right place right now, moving in the right direction. Doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing!I’ve never felt more in tune! 
Happy Thursday everyone! Well done for making it this far through the week, not much further to go! Just breathe!

Picture shared via instagram, by Kino Macgregor