+jLooking good girly!

Had a really good short weights & yoga home workout today, but the pain is so real! 
Trying so hard to focus on the present and not the past! 

This journey is for now, I wasn’t ready to be on it years ago!
Positive note: when I watched the video back for the first time in a long time, I thought to myself “damn, you look GOOD!” 

Yasss! Health coach high! πŸ’š 

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Life lessons

Its those moments, you know the ones that you don’t see an end to? The ones you wish you could just run from, flee the seen and pretend it never happened.

There’s also those times when something really just rubs you up the wrong way, or times that created a chain of unfortunate events.

Do you know what I mean?
Well, take a breath, because these are the moments that are shaping your life. These are the things that make the future you a much stronger person.
There really is a lesson in every situation.

From the smallest thing, to the moment your life changed forever. 

Don’t question “why you” 

Instead try and say “thank you”. If not at the time, I promise you, you’ll be gratful for every lesson in the future.
See the positivity in every situation!

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Spiritual relationships

I love being with those that truly ‘get me’ 

If your in my life, you get me! 

I have never felt more right about my life journey! I’m heading in the right direction, appreciating the bumps along the way and making room for change when change is needed! 

Mind shifts are happening and I couldn’t be happier! 

Spiritual relationships shape my life!

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Day 7 and the final day of the #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells…’Celebrate yourself’

Day 7 and the final day of the #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells…

‘Celebrate yourself’
So late doing this one because, well, its been a tough old day! I got through it though! #proud
“Im celebrating myself because…”
I am strong, determined, kind, generous, thoughtful, loving, positive, passionate, caring, inspiring, driven, but most of all, I AM BEAUTIFUL! INSIDE AND OUT! πŸ’—
I have absolutely loved doing this again & have learnt even more about myself than last time I did it! 

Its been super great to have the support of all the other goddesses also taking part in this challenge! 
If you don’t already practice self love, I thoroughly recommend it! We all should love ourselves more! #preach
Thank you once again Melissa Wells for the wonderful opportunity to reflect on who I truly am once more! Look forward to the next one! 

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​Day 6 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells’Accept compliments’

​Day 6 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells

‘Accept compliments’
The first challenge today is to finish this sentence…

‘My favourite compliment to receive is…’

… My strength and growth on my continuing journey of bettering myself! 

Its also lovely to know that I am inspiring others as well! 
Today’s compliment comes courtesy of my beautiful​ yoga teacher & health coach @louiseavilesyoga

Thank you Louise! 
It has also come at a vital time & links in with the video part of day 6, ‘Training your inner self talk’ 

I must start trusting my yoga journey, stay patient and stop comparing because this is my journey, no one else’s! 

​Day 5 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells:Β ‘Make a loving choice’

​Day 5 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells
‘Make a loving choice’
After my lovely Pilates class this morning, I came home, mindfully ate my lunch and then snuggled with our boys on the sofa. 
Something I used to always neglect for myself was rest! 

So easy for me forget that I need twice the amount of rest as healthy individuals! 

​Day 4 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells’Treat yo-self’

​Day 4 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells

‘Treat yo-self’

REDEFINING what you consider to be a “treat”
A treat for me has always been something sweet! 

Thanks to @louiseavilesyoga (my yoga teacher & healthcoach) and the amazing work I have been doing with her, I am no longer owned by sugar! Yasss! πŸ‘
My initial thought to treat myself was with flowers but then I thought, yeah, that’s nice but I by flowers often so it didn’t seem like a massive treat! 

So then I remembered I needed some new mascara! I’m not one that always feels the need to wear makeup, i wear it because It makes me look more awake (thanks ms) 

I know to some buying new mascara wouldn’t be classed as a treat but, I’ve always bought cheaper products & gasped when seeing the price of the branded products!
Not today! Nope, I treated myself to some new proper decent mascara that you can actually tell I’m wearing!

Walking past the tulips I  grabbed the prettiest ones because I deserve those as well!
Very happy! πŸŒ·πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Έ

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And so the adventure begins…

​”And so the adventure begins”
Well hello 2017! What fun shall we have this year then? 

Looking forward to it! More Yoga, more Pilates, more blogging, more art, more sharing, more caring, more positivity, more mindfulness, more learning, more working on self love!

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