Winning at life!

Thursday treat after aquafit! 
Proud that I come and do this on my own! 
Seems silly that I stopped coming because the Leisure Centre moved! I had convinced myself that, because I don’t know Hinckley, I wouldn’t be able to find its new location & I’d get lost! Even though it’s not far at all from its previous location! 
I had the offer to come with my ‘other mummy’ Crispie aka ChristineRobinson! 

Again though, I let my anxiety win! This time, because the Centre was new, I wouldn’t know where things were & would get more tired! 
These are the stories I would tell myself! That is of course, until I took control of my anxiety! 
Since then, I’ve done so many things by myself that I was just to anxious to do before.
They may not seen much to some, but some of the things include something like, just sitting in a cafe on your own! – Always to anxious! Now, for the third time, I think I’ve got the hang of it!
Another major hurdle was 2 weeks ago, when I accepted how much easier it would be to use the disabled, (some may prefer ‘less-abled’) changing room, after the aquafit class. 
Taking control of my anxiety,

Embracing the changes

And generally winning at life! 


Another kick ass Pilates routine

Can only mean one thing…

As always my Pilates instructor knows how to motivate! 

I’m gonna feel it in the morning! Seriously worth it! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ช

I cannot recommend this highly enough to everyone, especially people that have MS! 

Pilates is the perfect exercise for me as it challenges my mind as well as my body and I get to say to my MS ‘today I am in control of my body’

Statins in neurological disorders: an overview and update


Shared on Facebook yesterday byย an inspirational Mega Special ladyย & 5 x Paralympic medalist! Stephanie Millward.

This is pretty interesting from an MS point of view. They seem to be able to control/reduce new lesions!!