20th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #14

I’m so happy! I’ve just been for my 14th session in my intensive oxygen therapy.
Whilst I was at the centre, I spoke to Mandy the fundraising manager, about raising funds for my oxygen mask. I explained that, because I had already raised enough money for my oxygen mask, I wanted to donate the rest to the therapy centre.
Mandy explained to me that for every £45 that I raise (over the cost of my mask) I could have one oxygen treatment or any other that they offer there!
So, if people keep donating for this amazing cause, you will also be helping me to continue having treatment!

Thank you again, keep sharing this & lets see how much we can raise!
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Help me raise more funds for Mercia MS Therapy Centre



19th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #13

Another day with a body full of pure oxygen! 

Its such a lovely and novel feeling when the ‘Cog-Fog’ part of my MS fatigue lifts! I really hope that I get this same benefit, when I start my Oxygen Therapy once a week. 

Amanda who hasn’t long finished her intensive course, now comes once a week to help her MS symptoms. She wasn’t there last Wednesday & when I asked if she was finding the treatment beneficial, she said that she definitely was & really noticed the difference when she missed last weeks session. 

I’m keeping everything crossed that I’ll benefit from just once a week as well! Time will tell as I only have one session left this week & two next week. Then I plan on returning once a week! 

17th July 2017 #12 Oxygen Therapy

Really getting the hang of this now & loving the ‘me time’ it gives me being in the chamber! Remembering to reflect on selflove and doing things for me! This is definitely one of those things! 

I managed to meditate again today! Meditation helps me so much, at the moment the guided meditation I am using is a recording that my health coach did for me. I’m working hard on staying true to my authentic self and its paying off! 
As always, if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them!

Are you thinking of trying Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
~ Vix 💜💙💛💚❤

12th July 2017 Oxygen therapy #10

Ha! Session number ten! Can I see the light at the end of the tunnel?… No! 😜

Every session feels like it should be number 16! 🙈

Don’t get me wrong, I truly am grateful to be doing this but its hard!

Word of advise, if this is something you are going to do, as some one to take you back and forth! 
It was just me & the new lady from yesterday. Wow, what an inspiration she is! Breast cancer and then earlier on in the year, they found bone cancer as well! 

She can’t have an operation for it, as it would be too dangerous, so she is managing it for now, with Ayurvedic medicineAlso called Ayurveda, this is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the country’s traditional health care systems.

She also did alot of research into diet, and is finding the change in this beneficial. 

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is helping to heal, and has also given her more energy with only one session! 
I managed to medidtate as well today which was brilliant! I doubt I’ll be able to do that in the chamber tomorrow as its really busy in Thursdays! 

⬆ The joys of MS! ⬆

11th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #9

Another great session, although it is painful on my sinuses! So if you have any sinus issues, and are thinking of trying this, just be aware that its a slight issue for me!
I’m soooooo tired! Yes it helps my MS fatigue but that’s soooo different to being worn out! 
In this video, I ask the wonderful public for your help in funding my own oxygen mask. This is so that the mask will be fitted for me, and won’t need to be adjusted every time I come, causing issues with air escaping as I breathe, and also meaning I won’t have to hold the mask on for the whole hour!
It would appear that I will need funding to be able to complete this course as well! I still need to find the money for 3 more sessions! £16 a session!
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete my Go Fund me page just yet but as soon as I do I shall share it!
Thank you all for taking time to read/watch! As always, please leave any questions or comments & I’ll be glad to get back to you.

Much love, Vix

10th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #8

I thought I was around number 10 for my oxygen therapy, but nope! Number 8 week 4! 
Because of missing a session (the one i was late for) and also last week the oxygen chambers were being serviced. It means I’m runny over the recommended 16 sessions in 5 weeks, only by one session though! And I’ve also had to increase the amount I do in one week.
To be honest its such a mega commitment to do this intensive course! 

I’m really missing being able to do my excersies classes as well!

Even though this is helping to clear my cog-fog from my MS it is still leaving me very worn out, shattered even! 
I must remember to ask for the fans to be on today!!!

5th July 2017 Oxygen therapy #7

I haven’t done a video to go with today’s Oxygen therapy blog.

The treatment went really well, I’m really enjoying being able to take the time and its purely just ‘me time’ Its something that we rarely do for ourselves, due to the busy lifestyles we lead. 

I am a firm believer in making time for yourself, to check in and listen to your body, she’ll talk to you if you give her the chance! 

I’m really starting to enjoy reading again. Ever since I lost vision in my right eye, on the lead up to my MS diagnosis, I stopped reading as much until I got myself a ‘Kindle’ This was a great move, it meant I could enlarge the text, so I didn’t struggle so much to see the print.
On days when my vision isn’t as good (normally when its hot) I still use my Kindle, but there’s nothing like the feel of holding a book. That’s if you can feel, and MS hasn’t taken that from you, sense of touch for me is like you would get if you are permanently wearing washing up gloves! 

How are u at holding books? I find that really painful and heavy as well! Oh the joys! If anyone has any cool tips on reading books, any devices used to hold one and keep the pages of book open???? 

Please, I’d love to know 😄
The reason I didn’t do a video is because around the 15 minutes left in the chamber marker, I went so unbelievably tired! It wasn’t like my normal ms fatigue, more like absolute exhaustion! 

I just wanted to sleep! So I closed my book & rested my eyes, I needed to be alert enough to drive!

Maybe I was effected so much because I was listening to background music as well as reading? All that information going into my brain, must be a lot to digest?

I made sure I was completely awake and alert before driving home, which also meant I couldn’t do a video! Even the shortest videos I do can completely exhaust me! 
I know for sure that the heat hasn’t been helping me at all with this feeling of exhaustion, but I can’t blame that whilst I was in the chamber as it was relatively cool! 
Next one isn’t until next week now, as I have an appointment at my local hospital tomorrow for some tests to be done on my stomach. Its been a long time since they took a look inside it, when I was in so much pain after eating, I actually stopped eating normally for 6 weeks! This must have been around 15 years ago!??? 

Because the pain still comes and goes with no real pattern, my friends & family persuaded me to speak to the Dr about it. He referred me for an endoscopy, which is being done tomorrow. 

This just means that I’ll be missing another session of oxygen, and I’ll be going over the 15 weeks. This didn’t seem any issue when I spoke to the staff at the MS therapy centre today.

I’ll keep you informed! 

As always, if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer. 

And please please, if you have advice on book holding issue, I’d love to know.
Much love, Vix

Photo is my own, as is the text

3rd July 2017 Oxygen therapy #6 ✔

Yesterday, Monday 3rd July was the start of week 3. I have been doing an intensive course of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that I am trying for my MS fatigue. 

MS fatigue is like no other fatigue! See oxygen therapy #4 (⬅ click here) for really good explanations of MS fatigue. 

This is working! My fatigue is lifting after every session & its an amazing feeling!

As hard as it is getting myself to the appointments on time, mainly because of my anxiety. I do actually really enjoy the time that I am at Mercia MS Therapy Centre (click link to go to their website)

The staff are all really lovely & I’ve also knowticed how pleasant visitors are there as well! I no longer feel nervous about going for oxygen therapy there, in fact I look forward to it! I don’t think many people know how terrified I can be at times to go to new places & especially talking to new people! I’ve always probably seemed a very outgoing person, but heres a secret, I’m not! I have just always been good at acting! Hey, I got an A+ in GCSE drama! You know that though, right! 
One amazing thing Chloe Brotheridge, her amazing book The Anxiety Solution, my health coach/yoga teacher Louise and my MS is teaching me, that’s to always be my own authentic self! 
Sounds easy right? It isn’t! 
You must of heard of the saying ‘fake it until you make it’ that used to be me for such a long time! Even when I was diagnosed with MS, even some days now. I’m not always 100% my true self, even though I try my best to be. 
With social media playing such a big part in out lives now, its so hard to actually be 100% real! Instagram & Snapchat are probably the most fake apps to see people on! Yes I use this, yes I get drawn in and yes at 36 I’m probably classed by many ‘younger than myself’ to be ‘too old to use them!’ 

I like to use this to communicate with friends, and also to share MS awareness. I also remember to stay alert to the ‘fake it till u make it’ folk and those haters that are out there! 

Only the other day, I saw video footage of 2 girls taking photos of each other. The video must have been about 20 minutes long, and consisted of them taking it in turns to photograph each other. Sound normal? What wasn’t normal was the amount of time each of them took to make sure they were facing the correct way, (best side forward and all that) to make sure their pout was on point and the back ground was perfect! I can understand why they were doing it, but come on girls, point the camera or phone, shoot and move on! Live your life! Forget the filters, I’m terrible for using them! Alot of the time its because I don’t see colour the same as you probably do (thanks ms) so I like to change the colour, I use ‘auto tune’ alot and hope for the best. But do I really need to on just a quick snap of something silly to share with friends!??? 

I’m enjoying this version of me, the true version, so much more, and I’m using less energy in the process! 

This is because I’m not using energy pretending to be ‘ok’ all the time! That was my biggest downfall when I worked at the opticians. I loved my job, I never faked that. It was the always having to be energetic, awake & alert for patients/customers! 

So whenever you see my photos or videos, they will be as true as possible, or I’ll state filters used, etc! 

So now you can probably appreciate a little more about my life, and how hard it is to do new things! 

Sorry about that little ramble there! I get carried away with this topic!
Heres my very short video from Mondays 6th Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy…

29th June 2017 – HBO #6 ❌ Did not attend!

So, hyperbaric oxygen therapy #6 didn’t happen, and here’s why… I got the time wrong! Whoops! 

I arrived at Mercia MS Therapy Centre all ready to get into the chamber and enjoy a whole hour to myself and my book! A concept that is still very new to me but actually, I’m loving it! 

As I walked into the reception area, the chap behind reception, turned to look at the clock “Vicky, they’ve already gone in, we start it at 12pm on a Thursday” he said with a soft tone. I explained that I thought it was 12:15? “No, sorry, but go through and see if Jeanette has started it” so through I went to the room where the chambers are. I saw Jeanette at the control area of the large chamber & explained about my confusion with the times. Because of my anxiety, what I heard back, or more importantly, the tone, “I’ve started them now” very matter of fact. 

Thinking about this now, and using the process that my health coach Louise has taught me, I heard her explain the situation, and I interpreted it how I was feeling… stressed! 

  • I hadn’t realised how much energy I would need & be using doing this intensive course! It hasn’t helped that I’ve had other appointments on the same day as well, but they were important ones that couldn’t be cancelled or the time altered. Something for me to definitely remember though! When you have Oxygen therapy, don’t have any other appointments!

*I was NOT driving whilst doing these videos, I had pulled over as I was upset & my hazzards we’re on*

The drive home gave me enough time, to think through what had happened, and how I responded to it.