She did it!!!

​Just had an absolutely wonderful visit from this always smiling wonderwoman! 
So, if you aren’t sure what’s been happening for the past few months, you’ll need to scroll through my posts for an update 😉
(BTW, if u have missed it, where have u been!??? Lol 😂😉)  
Sharon Jackson & Myles the ms-uk mascot brought their medals around to show me! Wow!  

She was beaming with that beautiful smile & quite rightly too! 
What this lady has done from the moment she decided to run the Yorkshire Marathon is phenomenal! 

Even before then when she decided to make the change and lost all her weight, she certainly doesn’t give in easily! Such a massive inspiration! 
When we were discussing the fundraising part of the marathon all that time ago, Sharon set the #target to #raise at £100! 
Check this out… she’s now raised £700.00 – without #giftaid

What a massive #achievement & she still has more to collect!

Sponsor Sharon & Myles for MS-UK

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