If you could #write to yourself from the #future, what would you say?


If you could write to yourself from the future, what would you say?

And what a phenomenal journey it is! Loving every step, wobble, hobble and roll of it! 
Its strange how things work out, at the time of writing this post 3 years ago, I had no idea how amazing my life was going to be! 
I would never have believed you if you told me all the incredible things that I have had the pleasure to be involved in! 
I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would be extremely good friends with Gold winning Paralympian Stephanie Millward  and I wouldn’t believe u if u told me I was also fantastic friends with the truly inspirational Trishna Gauri

In fact, your friends with some absolutely freaking awesome people, some you’ve known all your life, some that feel like you’ve known all your life & some your still getting to know! 

Vix, your network of friends are incredible!
And if you think I’d have believed that I would be working together with one of my best friends who just happens to be my Pilates instructor, yeah, 2014 Vix, in about a years time you start Kate King Pilates classes, and your passion is born! 
You then, two years later help said Pilates instructor, who by the way becomes a massive inspiration, to build her business and I do believe you appear to be quite successful at it! 

Oh and 2014 Vix, would you believe this, you start a Pilates teaching course! Not with the intention of teaching, but just because you want to! 
Oh and you also fall in love with Yoga as well!

Thanks to your beautiful yoga teacher with the amazing energy
Yeah, just think about that!

Picture is my own as are the words!

Pay it forward

​When a lovely soul sends you this!
“You are amazing, and brave, and wonderful! Remember that today”
Thank you so much @impulse_regeneration, over on instagram! He doesn’t realise how much I needed that reminder and how much he made me smile!
Just goes to show folks, it doesn’t take much to make someone smile. 

Try it, send some positivity to someone!


She did it!!!

​Just had an absolutely wonderful visit from this always smiling wonderwoman! 
So, if you aren’t sure what’s been happening for the past few months, you’ll need to scroll through my posts for an update 😉
(BTW, if u have missed it, where have u been!??? Lol 😂😉)  
Sharon Jackson & Myles the ms-uk mascot brought their medals around to show me! Wow!  

She was beaming with that beautiful smile & quite rightly too! 
What this lady has done from the moment she decided to run the Yorkshire Marathon is phenomenal! 

Even before then when she decided to make the change and lost all her weight, she certainly doesn’t give in easily! Such a massive inspiration! 
When we were discussing the fundraising part of the marathon all that time ago, Sharon set the #target to #raise at £100! 
Check this out… she’s now raised £700.00 – without #giftaid

What a massive #achievement & she still has more to collect!

Sponsor Sharon & Myles for MS-UK