The cold really does hurt!

You know, when people come to my home & make a big fuss about how warm it is it makes me cross! I don’t choose to have high heating bills! I don’t relish the thought of the pain that I get when the cold hits my body! It’s like someone wrapping me in barbed wire!
So please, before you complain about that warmth of Fugly Manor, think!
If I come to visit you in your home over the festive period and I leave my coat, hat, scarf & gloves on, it’s nothing personal. I just can’t afford to let my body get cold!
Fact is, if you come to my home, at times you’ll see me wearing my hat indoors! 9 times out of 10 you’ll see me wearing my scarf!
I have MS and I am constantly in pain. I manage my pain in many different ways, one of them being ‘not getting cold’

*rant over*

One thought on “The cold really does hurt!

  1. ((Hugs)). I never complain about another person’s home… hot, cold or otherwise. There are things that just aren’t my business… I dress in layers for this very reason… (or bring extra layers once I know that a friend likes their environment to be on he colder side.) I figure there’s a reason…and either I’m privy to it, or I’m not – but in the end time with my friend’s and family is more meaningful to me.


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