My MegaSpecial life


When your so tired you could fall asleep as soon as you sit down!

Yesterday I called into the vets to collect ‘Princess Olivia’ aka Ollie medication which should have been ready and wasn’t. Humph!

Basically now my hands are weaker (thanks MS) I have been struggling to ‘pop’ the capsules out of the blister pack without splitting the capsule resulting in the contents of the capsule – tiny Tramadol beads flying everywhere!
I’m sure you’ll agree that this isn’t the best when you then have to bend down and pick the hundreds of tiny, and I mean tiny, balls up!

I’m a strong believer in making people aware of a potential flaw in a product and it’s packaging. So I phoned the vets last week asking them if it would be possible to revert back to the brand of medication Ollie had previously as the packaging for these was fine.
It turned out that they weren’t able to do that and when I had explained my troubles they agreed it would be fine for a member of staff to ‘pop’ the capsules out of the blister packs for me.
I left it in their capable hands and at the beginning of this week I had a call advising me that Ollie’s medication was ready for me to collect.

That’s where I was when I took this photo!
Yes her medication was there but it wasn’t ready! The staff I had spoken to about the packaging hadn’t left any notes about my phone call and so the capsules were still in the blister packs.
When I explained to the lady serving me that “I think the back part of the blister pack is made out of led” She tried to ‘pop’ one and guess what happened! Well the capsule didn’t break but it was very squashed.
The lady disappeared, when she returned she said they were more then happy to take the capsules out of the original packaging for me but, next time if I could ask for them to do it before I call in to collect! Really! I HAD just explained it all to her!
She advised they would be a while and invited me to sit down and wait.
When Ollies’s Tramadol was ready a different staff member bought them to me and again asked me if I could advise them to do this before calling in to collect! Oh my days! I had honestly already spoken to 3 different people over the phone about this before collecting! Me thinks the staff members need to learn how to make notes!
*Photo time!*

I look awful in this photo, (it shows better in the first picture how tired I look) I’m quite proud of myself for sharing it with you!
This is how tired I get after an hour in a Pilates class, a coffee after (tiring because of all the noise and not just from our table) and then a very brief shopping experience for groceries (also extremely tiring, maybe even the most tiring because of the noise and also the amount of people busying around!)

What I didn’t need was to have to wait for Ollie’s medication, like I said at the beginning… I sit down, I wanna sleep!

Some people don’t think I have a busy life because I don’t work, actually I’ll change that… I don’t work because I can’t work!

Some people just don’t realise how it’s a full time job maintaining your own health when you have MS!
This is what I work at! Staying well for myself and my family!

Some people don’t think about all the little things that they can do and without a second thought, actually these little things can be the hardest things for us to do!

How hard it is to get up in the morning, how hard and how exhausting it is to have a shower, how tiring it can be to drive anywhere, how stressful in can be to make sure you are at a Pilates class in time!

I’m very lucky that I have the most wonderful Pilates instructors who are so understanding and compassionate!
It doesn’t take much to have a little compassion!


3 thoughts on “My MegaSpecial life

  1. Great post and so true!!! If I wake up on time in the morning and get my kids off to school with clothes on and breakfast I feel entirely accomplished for the day!!


  2. I was laughing while reading this. Sorry. Not because it’s funny but because I relate to everything you are saying and I had an image of myself trying to get the pills out. People have no idea how it’s some of these little every day things that have become so difficult and annoying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely hun & I’m glad u saw the humour in it! That’s what I want!
      Thank you for commenting! It’s lovely to get feed back from people 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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