It’s not always MS that makes my days hard!

Laughing hysterically at the dumbness of some delivery drivers!
Oh yes… My day just got better!…
There I was nicely nodding off whilst watching Bear Grylls when me and the 2 dogs jumped at foot off the sofa after being rudely startled by the loudest bang!
It appeared the delivery of dog food that was expected had just been delivered via throwing it over a wheelie bin that wasn’t obstructing the path, the DPD driver then carried on in his van without a care in the word!
Needless to say the way the box landed smashed the majority of dog food trays  inside!
The dogs thought it was their lucky day when I opened the outer box and they smelt all the food! Poor buggers!

Oh yeah, before all that happened I had a phone call from Debs Mum, panicking about a certain item ordered from Ebay that hadn’t arrived!
Of course it was me that ordered it for her to be delivered to her address in Norfolk! The fact that it isn’t due to be delivered until tomorrow didn’t matter, it’s eBay! “What if it doesn’t arrive? It’s your money Vicky” she said! My money that she owes to me!!!
Can I just ask, what is it with people being so scared about Ebay?
You know when u wish u hadn’t made the suggestion in the first place!

Such fun!

It’s a good job I have the sort of attitude now where I can smile through days like today! 😜

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