Fibromyalgia is hard to explain!

It is hard to explain, it’s hard to live with & even harder to differentiate between my MS!


5 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia is hard to explain!

  1. Sorry for asking – but are the symptoms very similar? And which were you diagnosed with first? I am just wondering because my GP has not ruled out other medical issues, just dumped me in the fibromyalgia box without checking for anything else and on the basis that I have CRPS so it must be fibromyalgia I have too!



    1. Never apologise for asking questions, it’s how we learn! 😉
      MS & Fibromyalgia symptoms are so simular it’s hard to know which is which!
      I was dx’d with MS 2010 by MRI & neurologist & 2012 I was told I have Fibromyalgia by GP! The reason I went to GP was because I was getting really bad pains in my back & right leg which I thought was the MS but Neuro disagreed!
      I was at the end of my tether with the pain & just wanted to know what it was!
      GP said Fibro & already on MS meds that help Fibro too!
      He referred me to pain clinic where I was told I have wear & tear in my spine & hip joint which is causing leg pain, hence having a very painful procedure to help with pain for 3rd time in Thursday!
      I can’t take any pain meds but paracetamol as I am severely allergic to them!

      Hey ho! Rock & roll! CUTO (chin up Tits out)

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      1. Thanks Vix for the reply. I get a lot of bad pain all over, along with that in my left leg which is the CRPS. I have been getting a whole lot of different symptoms lately which I have never had before (I was told in 2009 by GP I had fibromyalgia) and the GP keeps fobbing it off as fibromyalgia. Like yourself, the meds I take for CRPS help with Fibromyalgia too. Although I do take Cocodamol when the pain is through the roof, I don’t take it too often as they cause problems with my stomach.

        I hope the procedure on Thursday helps with the pain, good luck and take care.

        Oh by the way love the CUTO, hadn’t heard of that one before!

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