Belated MS Fact Friday & Constraints of my MS ‘mash up’

I realise I forgot to post my MS Fact Friday picture yesterday so I shall do it today but with the aid of… me! No picture! Vix MS Fact Friday & Constraints of my MS ‘mash up’

The fact is, I have an excellent memory! Honestly! I don’t know why those that truly know me are laughing! I do! 😄

I can tell you every tablet I take, I can tell you every tablet my partner takes, I can remember my bank details and my gym membership details. The license plate of our cars old & new, part of my dad’s license plate & some of my friends! I can even remember people’s phone numbers! Who needs to remember those when we program them into our phones now & just press the call button!

So why is it that I have no memory of people’s faces, names, programs or films I’ve watched, places I’ve been or even how to get there and so many other things!?

My Granma moved to a care home 18 months ago to an area I know well, I try and visit once a week & I can still get lost getting there or even on my way home!

On my last visit to see my MS consultant I told him I was concerned about my memory. The silly thing is I told him this after telling him my current medication from memory! Yes memory!
He laughed and said Miss Edwards you have an excellent memory, it is concentration that you are experiencing problems with!

I related to that! Of course he was correct!
If people are talking to me I like to make sure I’m not distracted by other things, I have to mute the stereo or TV.
If there are more than one conversations in the same room, you can forget me engaging in any of those conversations!

Likewise, when I am at a pilates class I need to make sure I am at the front of the class or that I can at least see the instructor clearly without distractions otherwise I’d be getting all of the moves wrong, ha, I’d probably just make them up!

So my belated MS Fact Friday & Constraints of my MS mash up is Concentration!

Take a look at this video, it isn’t about MS but instead about a bicycle that has been rigged up backwards.
I can really relate to it because since my MS has developed I find that I have to relearn simple tasks on a daily basis, especially when it comes to technology, something that I have always loved and been able to do without even thinking about it.
These days it takes me half the day to do the simplest of tasks! Not just to relearn how to do it but before that I’d have to put the kettle on, tidy a bit of the kitchen, dry the washing up, make a cup of tea, put the towel on a radiator, whilst putting the towel to dry I’ll probably notice the damp clothes waiting to also be put to dry so I do that. See something that needs to be put back in the kitchen at which point I notice the fridge is still open, milk is out waiting to be poured into the tea that has been brewing for so long that the water is cold! Remake the tea!
Now I will have forgotten what I was relearning as I wasn’t concentrating enough on the task at hand!

I haven’t however forgotten that I was sharing this video with you!


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