‚ÄčIlluminated soul.¬†

This resonates! 
*Meme shared via Pinterest, words below are my own*
This journey is taking me down some interesting paths, ones that I wouldn’t have had the courage to walk before! My eyes have been opened, its like I can see in the dark, I can see where the monsters hide! 
I can see you!
I’m not afraid anymore, I see my way by my own light! Getting ready to spread my wings to show you all where your monsters hide! 
I know all these changes in me is because of yoga! Its not just the physical, its the spiritual! 

Where I am, right now, is where I’m meant to be!¬†

I truly believe that I am in the right place, the path my fitness journey is taking me down has crossed paths with a spiritual side of me that has been suppressed for a long time! I have waited to be here for too long, well now the wait is over! 

Let the learning and practising begin! 

picture shared via ‘Lessons learned in life’ page on Facebook