Day 1 of Mel Wells 7 day self love challenge

Ok so, its the first day of the #7daysofselflove with Mel Wells 

Today’s challenge is to share one thing that you love about yourself!
Before my MS diagnosis, I was in a really confident state of mind and felt comfortable saying “I love every part of my being”

Since then I’ve always felt uncomfortable saying I love any part of myself other than my smile and my soul! 
I understand that it’s okay to have self appreciation and self love, as I have been in that place before, but i find it hard now, 7 years later, to accept the change in myself, in my figure. 
The other hard thing for me today is to share this about myself so publicly!

I hate the thought of anyone feeling sad for me, so things like this I would rather keep between myself and close friends! 

*this is not a pity post, this is my journey to self love*
I’m always up for a challenge though, to prove to myself that I’m working on being a better version of myself! 
The other thing you will notice is there is no picture of me, just my very raw, messy handwriting! 

The picture is from one of my actions I had to do for my health coach session with Louise.

‘Write a letter from your future self’ 

I hope it will all make sense when you read it/if you can read it! 
I didn’t want to re-write it and pretty it up because, that just wouldn’t be the right thing to do!


Picture is my own, words are my own


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