Squat until you walk funny

​Tee hee hee!
Don’t need to do squats to walk funny, I do that anyway! 

Tonight though, oh my, I only normally do 45 minutes Body Pump (weights) but the different class I went to was an hour long! 

It was AWESOME! Couldn’t really walk very well after & had really bad shakes, but I did it!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
So grateful @keza_h was there to help me but my equipment away and walk me to my car! 😊

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6 thoughts on “Squat until you walk funny

  1. I left the gym shaking and having to hold onto the stair rail for dear life yesterday and today all I can say is omg! I fell over backwards this morning when trying to squat/crouch to ease my painful butt and legs, lost my balance and beefed up on my back whacking my wrist on way down! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Ouch! Hope ur ok?
      Oh my quads! They are sooooo flipping painful!
      Better to have a reason to be in pain than not!
      Happy new year hun! ✨


      1. Look, sounds lovely! I quite fancy a walk today but think its probably far to wet & cold and would make my pain worse! If we had a treadmill I could walk on that! 😊


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