Funny old day! It must be Monday!

So far today…
*I have had the worst Xmas shopping experience ever, where I nearly got down on the floor in Argos to do some pilates stretches hoping they would relieve my back pain even if just a little! Decided against that, only because I couldn’t get down to the floor & it was filthy anyway! (Sorry Lisa Perry, thanks for the reminder but I did them when I got home!)
*I’ve been given a sample of snail gel, or ‘snail slime’ as the lovely assistant in Holland & Barrett called it! Im not even nearly tempted to try it & will gladly pass it on to abyone that would like to try it if DebbieRahRah doesn’t want to!
*The H&B assistant also gave me some lozenges to try as well as the snail slime! I very politely asked if they were made from the snails shell! Good job she knows me & my humour 🙊🙈
*I nearly broke down in tears whilst on the phone to the pain clinic, just because the secretary said she would try her best to speed up my appointment for treatment. Skipping the consultation in January as I’ve seen the consultant plenty of times now for him to know me!
*I nearly stabbed myself in the foot whilst trying to make sure my delicate and mahoosive bougainvillea (plant) is wrapped up & warm ready for winter!
*My phone decided it no longer wanted to have the Facebook app on it any where, even though ‘Google Play’ said it was installed! After a mini meltdown, restarting my phone several times, taking the battery out, taking the sim card & SD card out the Facebook app has reappeared! I have no idea why I thought taking the sim & SD card out was a good idea but something worked!

Glad to be home! Not moving from this sofa except when performing the triangle manoeuvre… Toilet, Kettle & back to the sofa! 👍👏

Snail slime! Really! 😨
Snail shell lozenges! No, not really 🙊
The sissors that fell so close to my foot but landed perfectly! Couldn't do that again if I tried!

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