Pain, sleep & running late

Today has been about Pain, sleep & running late!


I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long after breakfast, medicating and showering!
In fact, it was probably the showering that took all my energy!


I slept through mid morning meaning I missed my fruit & yoghurt, I slept through lunch as well though!
Good job I had my breakfast!

By the time I had woken I was pushing it to get to my pilates class on time!
I gathered my things, sent the instructor a quick message in case I didn’t make it to the class and made my way to the leisure centre.

I arrived at the leisure centre at 13:45!
15 minutes late! By the time I’d gotten into the centre and up to the room I was 20 minutes late! I stood outside the room where the class was taking place and stopped!

I turned around and took my things into the changing room to a locker.
I’d decided not to go into the class so late!
Instead I went into the gym and used the equipment in there!

Proud moment!

Not proud that I slept through the morning and was late for pilates, but proud that I still went to the gym & exercised!

Why did I sleep so much today?
Have you ever been in so much pain that it drains you?
Ever been in so much pain that it wears you down?
Pain doesn’t stop,
It wants to be felt,
I needs to be owned!


“Chuck it in the F*^°k it bucket and move on”

So my day hadn’t gone to plan, so what! It wasn’t the end of the world and I managed to get into the gym for some pain management!
That’s why I do it! 
No over the shelf pain medication can help this pain I feel. I’m allergic to anything stronger!
That’s right, I can ‘take’ anything to ‘take’ my pain away!

1 and a half years ago however when my physiotherapist introduced me to the gym, I found a way to help ease that pain!
Okay, it isn’t for as long as the medication may work for but it’s drug free and it’s healthy for me!


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