Constraints of my MS: Fatigue

Constraints of my MS

The last part of ‘Constraints of my MS’ was

about PAIN & all the medication I take!

With that in mind, my next part talks about…




Fatigue is one of the commonest symptoms of multiple sclerosis and can often have a major impact on people’s lives. The level of fatigue does not reflect the severity of someone’s MS and people can experience fatigue that interrupts their daily life or that prevents them from working, whilst having no other symptoms.

Fatigue is very different from the tiredness or exhaustion that people without MS experience following strenuous exercise or a busy day at work. Fatigue is described as interfering with normal activity and being out of all proportion to any activity undertaken. It is often involves the sudden loss of energy and the inability to continue an activity. MS fatigue can not be worked through, as can sometimes be done with non MS fatigue, and recovery time also tends to be much longer.

Fatigue does not relate to relapses, nor to any permanent increase in disability. Previously experienced MS symptoms may get worse during fatigue but reduce again after rest. Fatigue can also affect cognitive symptoms such as short term memory, concentration or word finding. People report that it is harder to ‘think straight’ when they are fatigued.

As an ‘invisible’ symptom of MS, fatigue is sometimes not properly understood by family, friends or colleagues, who assume that the person with MS is depressed or just not trying hard enough. Fatigue is a major cause of early departure from the workforce.

Once again, I take medication for my fatigue which help by keeping my MS’y symptoms from getting worse throughout the day and help to keep me awake past 7pm!

Now, my fatigue is not only a symptom of my MS but it is also a cause from the cocktail of medication that I take!

I recently reduced the amount of Pregabalin from the highest amount of 600mg a day to 400mg day. I decided to do this so I could try & get a bit of brain function back instead of feeling as though I am in a daze 24/7 with my head in the clouds – also known as ‘Cog fog’…..

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