There’s always a way to do what you love

Monday 6th April 2015

The first Bank Holiday weekend of the year, Easter!

What an amazing day! Gym this morning to do some work on the weights, then down the road to the neighbours at ‘Arbury Hall’

This is where that moment comes in where if MS gets in the way for me to do something I love, then I just find a different way to do it!

My love of nature and photography came together today thanks to my wonderful wifey and our friend for getting my scooter in & out of the car for me so that i could enjoy pottering around the grounds whilst they did what they love most… being nosey in someone else’s house!

Yes, I got stuck several times in the gravel but with a push from Adam and even Deb pushing Adam pushing me they soon got me out of a pickle!
I even managed to ground the scooter whilst they were in the house but I just  manoeuvred forwards and backwards several times I soon got moving again!
Simples 😄

The weather has been glorious! It’s always makes everyone happy to see the sunshine and get some of that lovely vitamin D into their skin!

Perfect Bank Holiday!







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