Does Smoking make MS ‘cog fog’ worse?

Ok, I’ve just seen this and very briefly scanned through it.

I stopped smoking 2 months ago!
My reason for stopping wasn’t medical, it was because my partner decided to stop and 2 weeks later I followed suit!

I have noticeable cognitive problems more so when I am fatigued!

Now I would say I am fatigued around 90% of the time which also means this is the amount of time I have cognitive problems or ‘cog fog’!

I hadn’t seen this research before & to be honest I probably wouldn’t have taken notice even I had!

From my experience in the 2 months I haven’t smoked, my ‘cog fog’ hasn’t gotten any easier/better in fact I would say I am a little worse!

Please remember this doesn’t mean it will be the same for you!
Why not have a read and decide for yourself!

If you decide to or are doing ‘StOptober’ GOOD LUCK 👍

Multiple Sclerosis Research Update – Does smoking make MS cognitive symptoms worse? – 29 September 2014 | MS Trust – Information, education, research and support (Share from CM Browser)

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