Waking this morning to the sad news about Robin Williams has made me think more about clinical depression in MS and how little people actually know about any form of depression!

I have mixed feelings about suicide as life is so precious but knowing what  depression is like from a first hand point of view I can appreciate how hard it could be to come out of such a dark place!

I wish more people were aware of depression and that there is nothing wrong with being depressed!

When I was first made aware that I had clinical depression and it was part of my MS I was horrified! I didn’t want to except that this was another part of my MS.
I refused to except that needed more medication for another part of MY MS!

I opted for counselling and put the tablets on a ‘back burner’
I kept saying ‘I can do this on my own without more drugs’
Although counselling was extremely helpful ot came to the point where i had to rethink me situation and I decided to give the medication a go!
Along with the help from the counsellor I started to lift my head more!

This is something that i am open to talking about and will continue to do so when i get to this part of my MS life blog
‘MS, my journey and yours’

Depression | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (Share from CM Browser)

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