The Exercise Referral Scheme

I have to see a Neurological Physiotherapist about once a month for my Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her name is ‘Emma’ and she is fantastic!

What is Neurophysiotherapy

We have been working on the best way to increase my energy levels because i have Chronic MS Fatigue

What is Chronic Fatigue? (MS Fatigue)

MS Fatigue is one of my many symptoms and probably one of the worst.

It can be very frustrating as many people don’t understand it because the word ‘fatigue’ is used and felt in everyday life.

‘General Fatigue’ should not be confused with ‘MS Fatigue’

MS Fatigue:

Much like someone who has just hiked 20 miles up a steep hill after two days of no sleep while carrying a backpack loaded with rocks on the hottest day of the year…that is fatigue. It’s that moment when your legs can no longer hold you up and every muscles, bone, and even eyelid hurts. Then as soon as you sit down (or more like fall down) you are asleep. A tornado could blow by and you would sleep right through it.
It sounds odd but one of the best ways to gain energy is via exercise!
And so the last time I saw Emma she told me that she could do a ‘referral for exercise’
This is an exercise scheme at a local gym. A 12 week course where you see an instructor at the beginning for an induction, half way through for a ‘checkup’  and then at the end of the course.
It is at a reduced cost which I think is fantastic! This means more incentive!

I was up for it! I’m very keen on getting my fitness back to how I was pre MS or at least try to!

So the form was completed by my excellent nerophysio and I waited for a phone call!

We named it

20140626_125854_Android (2)Written for me by my Neurophysio! So I wouldn’t forget!

This was my aim!

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