Frustration overload continued…

​This may seem a contradiction to last nights post but, it has been planned for a while, I’m off to a new (to me) yoga class with my yoga bestie! 

I won’t stop my yoga practice, I just won’t be attending classes for a while (after today!)

This means I’ll have to mentally work harder to make sure I do continue with my own practice! I’m sure you can imagine, how much easier it is to sit on the sofa, rather than rolling out your mat! 

I’m not quitting, its not my nature, I’m just listening to my body and preserving my emotional state! 

MS anxiety & depression is so hard to stay on top of! 


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Frustration overload

​This is so true! 

But the sadness in me is too much for me to bear.

There are so many reasons why I have loved attending yoga classes. 

But there are more reasons why I have to stop attending them! 

I do know this, I can’t continue to feel the way I do whilst participating in classes and after.
I won’t stop my own practice, I hope I have the strength to continue it anyway! Only time will tell. 

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