Don’t fall at the first hurdle

•How I CAN’T be awesome today: no Pilates, pain to bad for group class! I may “ouch” & “(enter swear word hear)” too much & too loudly! I’m sure tears will flow too so….
•How I CAN be awesome today: Get down on my yoga mat & practise, practise, practise! At least doing this at home I can have a word with my body, my MS & my pain! Best of all, I’m going outside to do it in the sunshine! Beaut!
I just want to add how proud I feel for turning ‘not able to attend pilates’ into a positive!

That’s one of the hardest things to do! It’s so easy to ‘fall at the first hurdle’ (so to speak!)

The aim is to stay as positive as I can throughout the day to help keep the epic ‘MS Low Moods’ at bay!

We got this guys! 👊💥

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