Time to accept change!


After my last post, I’d just like to say thank you to all that are concerned. I am ok, I’m not great but I am ok. 

I have never been one to accept change well but, I have always been one to wish the very best for every single person I know and love dearly. I would never stop anyone from following their dreams, in fact, I gently push people towards them! This life isn’t for regrets! 

I understand life is about change. I’m doing my best, learning to move with the changes of life.

For us to live the best life we must grow and for that to happen change needs to take place!

I get it, just didn’t expect so much change at the same time! 

To all involved, please don’t read this and think I am upset with you personally, I’m not, I promise you that! 
I’ve come to realise that the universe has decided its about time I got my head around this and accept what is! 
I don’t even understand why its such a big deal because I really am so happy for everyone! And I mean that with all my heart! ❤

Meme shared via Pinterest, words written are my own

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