Failed by National Health Service

​Reminder to myself and every other person who like me suffers from mental illness! 

This week I had my monthly Tysabri infusion, not the nicest of things to have to go through but because we are warriors, everyone of us does our best to make it a light hearted day.

This month was the worst each of us in the group has ever experienced though! 

I will be sharing what happened at the hospital on my blog as soon as I have got my head around it. 

To say that we go to hospitals fir treatment and put all our faith in the staff there, the drs, nurses and others, to look after us. 

But what do you do if the system fails you!? What if someone’s bad day becomes your problem because they couldn’t handle it quietly to themselves. 

What if the man inserting the cannula into your veins doesn’t back off when you ask him to because on the 9th attempt he still hadn’t done it.

What if you can’t cope with all of this because of things that have happened in your past.

What if all of this exasperates your MS.
What do you do then?

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