Barcelona stole my heart!

​Barcelona you have stolen my heart and I’m pretty sure DebbieRahRah is smitten too!

Thank you for reminding us what a beautiful and varied world we live in! 

Once we got our heads around how busy the locals are & how focused they are at living in the moment, we got used to the fact that they really couldn’t care less if you said thank you when they moved out of the way all be it at the very last moment, as we ploughed through with the wheelchair!

It took us a while to figure out the traffic & pedestrian right of way when we wanted to cross a main road! 

Maybe if we knew the road systems, driving their roads might be an option for next time!

I don’t think we would ever got used to the stinky sewer smell but, do you know what Barca, you are such an incredible, beautiful, vibrant City that all those things just don’t matter! 

Thank you for taking care of us during our stay! 

It might be an idea to look at your airport assistance in the foreseeable future! Giving less-abled the paperwork needed and assistance requested on to the plane might be a good start! 

Telling someone “you can walk” as they sit there in their wheelchair waiting to be pushed through the gate & onto the plane is also clearly just not acceptable!

But do you know what… I’m not excusing the poor service at the airport, but to keep the wonderful memories from turning sour, its not your fault Barca! And we will be back!

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