Busy week!

​So heres what happened this morning, yes I know, its only 9am! 
Ok, so, I got myself ready for the gym. Thanks to my gawd damn awful chronic pain and having to increase my medication, I have put too much weight on & I’m incredibly unhappy! 

I did at least find out that it is the medication that has caused the gain! 

So I’ve decided to start going back to the gym & really give myself that push I obviously need! 
Anywayyyyy! I arrived at the gym & was just starting to put my disabled parking badge in the window when my phone made a noise (I never know what sound means what!) 

As I looked at my phone it reminded me of my physiotherapy appointment at the hospital! 

It also reminded me of my Chiropody appointment this afternoon!
Its appears to be a week of medical appointments! 

• Had my Tysabri yesterday (monthly MS meds) 

• Physio today

• Chiropody today

• Blood test today

• Yearly MS review tomorrow with Neurologist!
The fun just never stops! 


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