Something very different & a bit of fun!

With the warmer weather here & hoping for it to stay the duration I donned on my new rainbow flip-flops happy in the knowledge that regular visits to a Chiropodist means my feet & nails are lush.

Toe nails painted, flip-flops on sunshine was all I needed to take a silly photo, play with it on my laptop & create a striking image and tag it on social media!

Now I wanna see every ones nicely painted #toeselfie!

I’m guessing there’ll be a clever person searching the web for images of manky toes/feet & that’s fine if u don’t mind people thinking they’re your feet!

Have fun, paint ur toe nails, gone wild with the colour, live & express yourself!

Looking forward to seeing the pics, here’s 3 so far… (pic on left is mine, top right my MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sare & her Dawg Sidney, bottom right my SistaBlista Skemily)


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