Please don’t be sorry



Thats the second time this week I’ve been asked if I have had a knee operation!  
When I reply ‘No,  I have Multiple Sclerosis’ 
Their reply has been the same & generally always is….
“I am sorry”
I just tell them, “thankyou but don’t be because I’m not!”
Why oh why do people offer their sympathy when there really is no need.
I’m just the same as they are, going through my day one stumble and brain fart at a time.
Only difference is I have a sprinkling of MegaSpecial and they don’t!

2 thoughts on “Please don’t be sorry

  1. Exactly!
    I always dislike it when people tell me how sorry they are I have MS! I’m like “I’m not sorry at all I have it, so why should you be? You can’t catch it.”
    Why do people always give sympathy to people who are generally happy?


    1. I honestly believe its because they don’t know enough about it & don’t know what else to say! Just keep smiling! 😉


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