Ease MS Fatigue

The Egg Chair

Suffering terribly with MS Fatigue I went on the search for some natural help! Let’s see if this helps!

Firstly, they must have a camera on me when it comes to ‘Munching on a candy bar’ or as I like to call it… CHOCOLATE!

Secondly, when sitting in a chair looking up at the sky or tree, make sure you don’t get dizzy like me!

The best thing I find to help with this is an ‘Egg Chair’ you don’t fall out of it! (See photo) 


A Simple Breathing Exercise to Overcome Fatigue and Revitalize

Written by Jing J.

When you feel tired and fatigued, what do you do? For those of you whose natural tendency is to munch on a candy bar, hoping it’ll give you some energy and make you fell better…

Your instinct may actually be right. When you feel fatigued, your blood sugar level is probably low. Your body needs either more nutrients or oxygen to support its metabolic activities.
In this post, I want to share a simple breathing exercise to help you revitalize yourself without the risk of gaining weight by eating sugary snacks.
Here’s how…
Sit in a chair, preferably outdoors. Look up in the sky or at the top of a tree. Since we are going to fill up the vital energy center of your lower abdomen, you want to look at something over your head.
Take a deep inhaled breath, and try to draw the air all the way down to your lower abdomen if you can.
Hold the breath for a count of three.
Then release the breath slowly and gently. Make sure you exhale completely, emptying out the last drop of air in your belly. This is to release and detoxify the stagnant, waste energy inside of your body.
Repeat the breath cycle 5 to 25 times, and you’ll certainly feel reenergized and revitalized. Practicing this simple breathing exercise every day can help overcome chronic fatigue and enhance your vitality.
So next time when you feel tired and you’re about to reach out and grab a candy bar, try this exercise instead. Let yourself be nourished by the natural, abundant substance of the universe.
– See more at: http://www.cycleharmony.com/reme-dies/mind-body-healing/a-simple-breathing-exercise-to-overcome-fatigue-and-revitalize#sthash.crUg8I1X.dpuf

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