Staying true to myself!

This past 18 months, I have been working really hard, on becoming my true authentic self. 
I am so much happier in my life now, except when it comes to handling my chronic pain levels!
I don’t like to be truthful about this part of me because I don’t want people to ever think I am after a pity party, I’m not! 

I don’t want people to be sad for me! 

But how can I be authentic if this is a part of me that I don’t share completely! 

So here goes… I have quite honestly never felt pain like this coming from my sacroiliac joint, hips, spine, legs, piriformis muscle and my feet! 

Tonight I broke! I couldn’t stop the tears! 

I am quiet certain this isn’t MS, maybe it is part of my fibromyalgia, maybe its just an old injury that’s never been looked into properly? 

Just like in my health coaching programme I did, maybe this is somewhere that has never been approached completely?
In yoga, they say we hold alot of our emotion in different areas of our bodies. Ok, some of you must have heard of stress being held in your shoulders? Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! 

What if the manifestation of chronic pain is  being caused by an unresolved emotional issue?

It has been said that there is a distinct connection between emotions and injuries.

A fall from being pushed in a malicious way will manifest in the body differently than a fall from an accidental trip on a very peaceful, carefree day.
Doesn’t that make you think! 

What ever it is, I’d like it fixed & my life back now… Pain free!

My agony weekend *Sunday*

Ok, so, although I’m feeling better in myself after eating a small plate of Sweet Potato chips cooked with Coconut oil last night, and not feeling too much pain in my stomach after, I’m still not ‘right’!

I’ve just had a lovely shower and got my Comfy clothes on, but as soon as my bra went on, it came straight back off! 

The pain around my stomach (organ, not area 😉) is so bad! 

This is the same symptom I had around 15 years ago when I couldn’t eat for 6 weeks because digesting food was too painful! 

Fingers crossed I’m ok after my dinner today! 

Is this MS, Fibromyalgia or something totally different? 

Picture shared via pinterest, words are my own