If only I could regulate my temperature like normal people! 

​This is what happens to me when I’ve been working out! EVERY TIME!
I have so many of my MS symptoms kicking off in this video! Slurred speech, trouble connecting my thoughts with action to put sentences together, poor coordination, blurred vision, oh the list goes on!
There’s me thinking working out would be easier in the winter, because of temperature difference but its actually harder! 

Either the heaters are on in the smaller classes or the air-conditioning is turned down in the larger classes!
This is after body pump which is Les Mills weights 

I have so much determination and passion for this class! 
What you will notice about me is that I am passionate about everything I do & I always put 100% in! 💯
I can’t do exercises that involve any movement, travelling, walking, running etc, unless its in water! This because of my poor coordination, balance, muscle fatigue and pain when moving my legs! 
So I have found classes that I can do & turned these into my love! 
weight lifting, pilates, yoga, I love them all the same! 

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