The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

I’m going to go off speck with a new direction to my blog.
I’ll be really honest, this is going to be seriously hard for me to talk about but I feel I need to!
This part of my blog won’t be shared by me on social media, simply because there are people in my life who when reading this may find it upsetting. My intention is not to upset anyone, only to try empty my mind and accept this part of my life!

Background information
As a child I don’t recall ever planning my wedding! Don’t most young girls do that? I always thought it very peculiar seeing my friends buying all the fashion magazines! They would then spend hours cutting out the pictures and glueing them back together in a scrap book!
That wasn’t me at all! Unless it was magazines about horses I just wasn’t interested!

I just wasn’t interested in boys and very little girly stuff, I didn’t even figure out that my preference for companionship is the same sex until I went to college. Things started to make more sense when I accepted that part of who I am but added more confusion around the reason I’m opening up now.
There was one thing I always knew and that was that I always wanted to be a biological Mummy.
The natural process of maternal instinct was always there for me and it was always at the forefront of my mind.
I had it planned out in my head, I wanted to be a young Mum. I hoped I was going to meet someone and be in a stable relationship by the time I was 18, this was my plan!


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