One day I would love to say “I used to have Multiple Sclerosis”

Who’d have thought you can get so much pain in your legs and it starting from the back! 
That’s why I start the day rolling round on the floor with an inflatable ball under my back!
That’s why I go to so many Pilates classes and do yoga! 
Then there’s all the other exercise classes I try to attend! Just so I can get that chemical reaction going on in my body to get me some happy! 
It’s so hard to stay positive all the time especially when chronic pain try’s to rule your life! 
As you can tell by this post, I am in pain! So many people don’t realise how painful MS actually is and it never stops! We can take all the medication thrown at us & I do, but it’s still there, every second of every day!

With MS pain comes so many other symptoms that don’t bear talking about right now!
This is NOT a sympathy blog! We just need you to know, if we are grumpy it’s nothing you have done. If we are quiet it’s not because we are bored. If we cry it’s not because you hurt us.
This is MS & one day I’d like to say “I used to have MS”