Coronavirus ‘Covid-19’ UK lockdown

In an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus ‘Covid-19’, last night we heard the Prime minister announce that we are all to stay at home.
This morning I had to send a message to all my carers, even though I don’t have enough information to answer their questions…

“Morning all! ☀

So, as we wake up after what was probably one of the most surreal nights anyone has ever had. I’m watching the TV this morning & no one has a clue what the rules are!

In my opinion, if bike shops are allowed to be open, and construction workers are continuing to work, then surely my carers should be ok to come and help me.

I know that carers are allowed to continue working to help the vulnerable. The main confusion is that Deb is here, so am I still classed as vulnerable?

I don’t like being classed as vulnerable, who would! But, in the eyes of corona, yes I am. In the eyes of my safety, yes I am!
I know that Deb is here, but due to her health issues she isn’t able to help me.

I have emailed the company who I believe ‘may’ be able to help me, but I honestly doubt they’ll know, as no one does!

So, what I propose is that for now, we continue as we were last week.

But, I am leaving it to you to decide if you are comfortable coming out of your homes.

I will need to check with Rowan (the company that helps me with your wages) what happens with your pay during this time.

Sorry I can’t be any clearer, but as I find out more information (don’t know when that will be) I will keep you updated!

Here’s some sunshine to end on a positive ☀”