Choosing how to handle my MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a difficult disease!
We don’t CHOOSE to have it, but sometimes (mood dependent) we can CHOOSE how we handle the many symptoms of MS

Mostly I try to choose laughter…


Me: Looking at a pile of gifts Deb had unwrapped…
“Is that everything you had in your stocking?”

Deb: Looking very pleased with her gifts…
“Yeah, why?”

Me: Getting brain ache thinking…
“I’m sure there should be some other things” 🤔

Deb: Looking surprised…
“Oh, okay”


Me: Walks in to the lounge feeling very pleased with myself…
“Left or Right?”

THIS STORY is all thanks to my MeSsy brain letting me forget where I put the first xmas gifts I bought for the wife! 😂

This Christmas card is so perfect for this situation!

If I stay in the moment, being more ‘present’ I’m more likely to have a better memory recall & know where I put things!
If I buy her less presents, I more likely to remember /have better memory recall and know where I put the present (less of!) 😂

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