25th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #15

Wow! Nearly nearly nearly done it! 

Number 15 of 16 intensive oxygen therapy sessions was today! I’ve so got this! Quite look forward to it now if I’m honest! I think its the ‘me’ time I look forward to, and it’s lovely to be able to get out and see different like minded people!

I had a chat with one of the ladies who is there having oxygen therapy for cancer. She is absolutely incredible! Totally inspiring! Infact, she was talking to me today, about how she has changed her diet to help her feel better! 
I explained to her that I had just bought a book, called ‘The Wahls Protocol’ all about how changing your diet can help MS symptoms! 

This is my next book to read! And I finished my current book today, so what good timing was that! πŸ‘
When I go for my session tomorrow, I shall be purchasing my new mask! 

Thanks to everyone who very generously donated to my ‘Go fund me’ page. Not only am I able to buy my own mask, I will also donate the reminding money to Mercia MS Therapy Centre, the fundraising manager has said that for every Β£45 raised I can have one treatment, whether it be for Oxygen Therapy or any from below…
Well done to Kerrie-Ann today for getting fitting of my mask perfect today! Gold star! ⭐

Treatments offered at Mercia MS Therapy Centre, Coventry, UK
Photo taken from outside Mercia MS Therapy Centre, Coventry, UK
Me after session 15 Oxygen Therapy

8 thoughts on “25th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #15

    1. I meant to ask you how it went hun! Makes me feel really sleepy as well! I have found now that I can only read for about half of the session then I meditate a little and just sit with my eyes closed, occasionally having a little snooze!
      I really hope you find it as beneficial as I do for cog fog at least! Well done hun! πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

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      1. I’m the same. I started my sudukos but felt really sleepy after half an hour so sat and listened to a podcast. I was worried about feeling claustrophobic but it felt more spacious when I was in there than I was expecting! Got 2 booked for Thursday and 2 Friday. xxx

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      2. At mine you can have 2 in the same day as long as you have an hour inbetween. It’s over an hours drive for me to get there so have gone for the 5 over 3 days each week. πŸ™‚ xxx


      3. Totally understand about what u say with the claustrophobia though! I was so worried about that & not being able to get out when the door shuts because of the pressure, I’m fine with it though πŸ‘

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      4. The not being able to get out was what worried me. I’m not really claustrophobic but I get panicky in situations when I feel I can’t get out easily! I was actually fine with it though. I was in the bigger chamber of the 2 they have which I think helped. xxx


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