3rd July 2017 Oxygen therapy #6 ✔

Yesterday, Monday 3rd July was the start of week 3. I have been doing an intensive course of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that I am trying for my MS fatigue. 

MS fatigue is like no other fatigue! See oxygen therapy #4 (⬅ click here) for really good explanations of MS fatigue. 

This is working! My fatigue is lifting after every session & its an amazing feeling!

As hard as it is getting myself to the appointments on time, mainly because of my anxiety. I do actually really enjoy the time that I am at Mercia MS Therapy Centre (click link to go to their website)

The staff are all really lovely & I’ve also knowticed how pleasant visitors are there as well! I no longer feel nervous about going for oxygen therapy there, in fact I look forward to it! I don’t think many people know how terrified I can be at times to go to new places & especially talking to new people! I’ve always probably seemed a very outgoing person, but heres a secret, I’m not! I have just always been good at acting! Hey, I got an A+ in GCSE drama! You know that though, right! 
One amazing thing Chloe Brotheridge, her amazing book The Anxiety Solution, my health coach/yoga teacher Louise and my MS is teaching me, that’s to always be my own authentic self! 
Sounds easy right? It isn’t! 
You must of heard of the saying ‘fake it until you make it’ that used to be me for such a long time! Even when I was diagnosed with MS, even some days now. I’m not always 100% my true self, even though I try my best to be. 
With social media playing such a big part in out lives now, its so hard to actually be 100% real! Instagram & Snapchat are probably the most fake apps to see people on! Yes I use this, yes I get drawn in and yes at 36 I’m probably classed by many ‘younger than myself’ to be ‘too old to use them!’ 

I like to use this to communicate with friends, and also to share MS awareness. I also remember to stay alert to the ‘fake it till u make it’ folk and those haters that are out there! 

Only the other day, I saw video footage of 2 girls taking photos of each other. The video must have been about 20 minutes long, and consisted of them taking it in turns to photograph each other. Sound normal? What wasn’t normal was the amount of time each of them took to make sure they were facing the correct way, (best side forward and all that) to make sure their pout was on point and the back ground was perfect! I can understand why they were doing it, but come on girls, point the camera or phone, shoot and move on! Live your life! Forget the filters, I’m terrible for using them! Alot of the time its because I don’t see colour the same as you probably do (thanks ms) so I like to change the colour, I use ‘auto tune’ alot and hope for the best. But do I really need to on just a quick snap of something silly to share with friends!??? 

I’m enjoying this version of me, the true version, so much more, and I’m using less energy in the process! 

This is because I’m not using energy pretending to be ‘ok’ all the time! That was my biggest downfall when I worked at the opticians. I loved my job, I never faked that. It was the always having to be energetic, awake & alert for patients/customers! 

So whenever you see my photos or videos, they will be as true as possible, or I’ll state filters used, etc! 

So now you can probably appreciate a little more about my life, and how hard it is to do new things! 

Sorry about that little ramble there! I get carried away with this topic!
Heres my very short video from Mondays 6th Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy…

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