29th June 2017 – HBO #6 ❌ Did not attend!

So, hyperbaric oxygen therapy #6 didn’t happen, and here’s why… I got the time wrong! Whoops! 

I arrived at Mercia MS Therapy Centre all ready to get into the chamber and enjoy a whole hour to myself and my book! A concept that is still very new to me but actually, I’m loving it! 

As I walked into the reception area, the chap behind reception, turned to look at the clock “Vicky, they’ve already gone in, we start it at 12pm on a Thursday” he said with a soft tone. I explained that I thought it was 12:15? “No, sorry, but go through and see if Jeanette has started it” so through I went to the room where the chambers are. I saw Jeanette at the control area of the large chamber & explained about my confusion with the times. Because of my anxiety, what I heard back, or more importantly, the tone, “I’ve started them now” very matter of fact. 

Thinking about this now, and using the process that my health coach Louise has taught me, I heard her explain the situation, and I interpreted it how I was feeling… stressed! 

  • I hadn’t realised how much energy I would need & be using doing this intensive course! It hasn’t helped that I’ve had other appointments on the same day as well, but they were important ones that couldn’t be cancelled or the time altered. Something for me to definitely remember though! When you have Oxygen therapy, don’t have any other appointments!

*I was NOT driving whilst doing these videos, I had pulled over as I was upset & my hazzards we’re on*

The drive home gave me enough time, to think through what had happened, and how I responded to it.

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