28th June 2017 – Oxygen Therapy #5

Oxygen therapy went really well, 

It appeared I was going to be all alone today, I was a little nervous about that, nothing like how I expect I would have been years ago though! Winning with my anxiety! 

My first thought… ‘I can take some pics of the smaller chamber I’m in Tuesdays & Wednesdays’….

Like I said, wasn’t as nervous as I would have been years ago!

The small oxygen chamber at Mercia MS Therapy Centre
Enough space for a wheelchair
Seat and masks
Not by myself in here, surely not!

Darth Vader or Top Gun?

As always, comments and questions are welcome! 

Are you thinking of trying oxygen therapy to help you with your MS or any other condition?

Share with me! I’d also love to here about your experience of this treatment.
Much love, Vix

One thought on “28th June 2017 – Oxygen Therapy #5

  1. He yey baby, BOOM! Looks like you smashed it ! So pleased it’s helping, be interesting to read about others trying it! Love n hugs

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