22nd June 2017 – Oxygen therapy #3

Late updating this but here is my vlog after my 3rd oxygen therapy…

Day three of my intensive course of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for MS

We had quite an interesting session yesterday. A guy was also having treatment, it was his first full hour. Unfortunately for whatever reason, he wasn’t happy and we had to stop. I say it was interesting because it enabled me to see what happens in this situation, when someone has a anxiety attack. Luckily there was a lady also in the chamber, that had been going for many years. This lovely lady dealt with the situation, she told the member of staff on the outside of the camber (no staff inside) that this gentleman wanted to stop. The oxygen was stopped, the air pressure was normalised, the door was opened and the guy got out. We all decided we were happy to continue with the treatment as we still had 45 mins of oxygen left!

Although I was really tired after the treatment, it was a general tiredness because of the amount of time I had been in the chamber for. My fatigue was no worse than normal (no better either) Knowing the pattern of my fatigue I would have expected for it to be a lot worse. It was such a great feeling, because I was just feeling my normal effects of my MS fatigue at that time of day (the level of my fatigue differs throughout the day!)

I have a good feeling about this! Roll on next week! 

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