Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

So, today on MS world day 2017, I went for my trail session of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. 20 minutes breathing pure oxygen, I was in the chamber for a total of 30 minutes with 2 others also trialling the therapy.
I didn’t mind being in the chamber, it was a little daunting hearing the solid metal door being closed and the lock being tightened. My heart started to race but I soon calmed that down with my yoga breathing!
I felt a little claustrophobic because the mask has to fit so tight, I kept feeling short of breath and hearing yourself breathing is very off putting! 

Eventually I regulated my breathing but only for a short time, it was every time I heard the 2 other people’s breathing change, that’s when I would notice my own breath again. Once more I tried yoga breathing (Pranayama) but soon realised I didn’t need to inhale quite as deeply with the mask on!
There is an option of wearing a hood instead of a mask. So you basically look like you work in the forensic department​ at the FBI! 🙊😂
The session was soon over but I’m not sure how quickly the full one hour session would pass!
An intensive course is recommended when first starting, which is 16 sessions over 5 weeks. Each session costing £16 for MS patients and £45 for short term conditions! Gulp!! 

£16 doesn’t sound much but when you have 3 sessions a week for 5 weeks, it soon adds up.

This price is heavily subsidised through the charities fundraising as its actual cost should be £50 per person! 
I did actually notice a little less cog fog after the 20 minute session which I wasn’t expecting to feel any different.
I shall do some more thinking about this treatment & if I think I could stand being in there for a whole hour?


Photo is my own, as are the words

4 thoughts on “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  1. I’m considering giving this a try aswell. I’m worried about getting abit claustrophobic being shut in with a mask on but it does seem to improve symptoms for a lot of people. How did the other people find it? xxx

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    1. Hi, I hope you saw the reply I sent you hun?
      The most amazing thing happened yesterday! My amazing brother gave me nearly all the money I need for the oxygen therapy so I’ve booked my first session! 😱

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      1. I didn’t see it. That’s so amazing though!! I was talking to someone on Wednesday who was saying what amazing results shes seen in people that have it. Please keep me updated as I’m planning on trying it over the Summer. xxx

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  2. Hey lovely, I hope this message finds you well?
    So sorry for late reply.
    I was really nervous for exactly the same reasons as you. I didn’t feel claustrophobic until the mask was on & the oxygen started.
    The two other people said the same as me, because you can hear yourself breathing it then makes you pay more attention to breathing, sounds odd I know!
    I think if I can gather enough funds for it I’d really like to try the intensive course, the difference I felt after 20 minutes of oxygen was definitely noticeable!
    I’m just in the process of setting up a Go fund me page! I feel really cheeky to do it but I honestly have no other way of raising the funds!
    I’ll keep you updated via my blog


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