She’s a Whirlwind

Just gotta totes love my amazing friend & pilates instructor, Hannah Bailey. Did I mention she’s my ‘Fight Klub’ instructor too!

Photo took last night as she arrived for Fight Klub after she’d just taught ‘Clubbercise’ What a combo!
Yesterday she went from teaching adults with learning difficulties to aqua to pilates to clubbercise to the next class, ‘FIGHT CLUB’
She’s awesome, she’s mean! 👊💥
Then after class, she’s the wonderful Hannah!
Somewhere in all that madness she’s also a Specialist in pregnancy and sports massage! You just can’t imagine it can u!

5 years ago I would never have thought that I would be living this life with these friends and loving it!
I always loved different sports and activities but then MS and life stopped that!
MS will not stop me living my life any longer! Even if it means changing what I do, which I have and do you know what, it’s amazing!

It’s friends like Hannah that inspire me & give me my energy!
Everyone needs a Hannah! 😄


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