Multiple Sclerosis fact #5, vision problems


Needle point, one of my favourite things to do!
Threading A needle is fun when there’s TWO of them (thank you double vision)

Sewing a seam is joyous when you need the cloth and the thread to be identical in colour. This means with my MS vision I can’t tell where I have sewn and where I need to sew (thank you loss of contrast)

It’s no wonder I always end up with a pile of items waiting to be repaired!
When something joyful becomes dreadful!

40 minutes later and I’m still trying to thread the needle!

Obviously the danger is this, having a disease that drains my energy so rapidly means that I do tend to fall asleep at the drop of a hat! This always happens if I’m stationary for a long time. If you weren’t aware, sewing requires you to sit on the same place for a certain amount of time. It really wouldn’t take much for me to nod off & poke myself in the eye with the needle!

Thats why we’re MegaSpecial! Because we do really silly things, the great thing is, we train ourselves to laugh at the silly things! It gets us through!

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